Private Catering

Ready for a celebration, party or anniversary of a lifetime? Every private function you organize should have your personality in it, which is why we prepare made-to-measure events that reflect who you are and what you want to give your guests. Make it a buffet, a seated event, an intimate private dinner, a multi-course plated extravaganza or a fashionable stand-up cocktail.

Kids Birthdays

At Gourmet Saad we believe that children are very special. They also have very different tastes and preferences from adults, something that we are very aware of. On the other hand, in a day and age where healthy eating has become particularly important for every child, we make sure that your menus offer variety and taste without compromising nutrition.

Dishes On Demand

Craving for a specific plate? We are here to help you!

Ask for any lebanese or european dish, we will be pleased to cook it for you,

call us now and customize your dish!

P.S: You can customize your low-In-Salt or Low-In-Calories Dish for no additional costs!